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Effective January 1, 2000 Carlos Salazar Lomelín was named Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola FEMSA. Mr. Salazar previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of FEMSA Cerveza and brings a strong record of maximizing asset utilization and reducing costs within operations.

LETTER FROM CARLOS SALAZAR   I feel very fortunate to be joining a company as dynamic as Coca-Cola FEMSA. As in the past, I expect our management team to concentrate on those areas where we can add the most value for our shareholders. In my mind, that means continued improvements in overall operations, creation of growth opportunities, and further increases in efficiencies and productivity throughout the Company.

In operations, we want to continue to grow with only marginal capital expenditures. That means consolidating plants and increasing productivity and efficiency in those facilities that remain, as well as continuing our efforts to streamline Coca-Cola FEMSA's extensive distribution network. Today, we are scrutinizing our cost structure from every angle, and reviewing our brand portfolio and pricing models. We are also analyzing the sophisticated technology utilized by Coca-Cola FEMSA to make certain it is adding value every step of the way.

In exploring opportunities for growth, we are looking carefully at ways to increase further per capita consumption and sales share, introduce new products, and acquire new territories, but acting only on those opportunities that add value. In doing so, we are aligning our interests with The Coca-Cola Company. This is nurtured by creating synergies with both FEMSA and The Coca-Cola Company, continuing to share knowledge and employees.

In closing, I want to thank you, our investors, for the confidence you have shown in Coca-Cola FEMSA and assure you that under my leadership we will continue our strategic effort to improve the profitability of the Company and strive to enhance shareholder value.

Carlos Salazar Lomelín, Chief Executive Officer
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